communication galactic nation

the only possibility

for saving this world
being to know infinity reality
and basing all desicions on this believe

we have all to believe
that only if we know the fact of
this universe wanting his fulfillment
through the fulfillment of a humanity
through the fulfillment of every human

so ...
every homo sapiens having to fulfill himself
as a human being to his fullest

so he can fulfill his humanity
so to fulfill this cosmos

our cosmic community

but all you need is love

and you are harming all environment for it
all humanity

galactic foundation

homo sapiens ?

consistent damage !
and helping to harm !
training to harm !

so we have
unfortunately here on
just a nuisance

that this even feeds to the harm
drinking water at his disposal
take all medical measures
that it would help

only this paranoid harm
be welcome !

our cosmic community

regarding femicides

we will first make the guess
that the victims are actually the perpetrators
to prove comprehensively

then we will be explaining
the factual self defense of such

and then the solution to the whole problem
to describe of

that we only
need a human rights order
and we will never see femicides again

so what is really happening ?

that we have no real human rights here on
but this limitless freedom
without huan honor

so predator rights
so state compulsory labor rights
in other words, with the express train
through the countryside

so there are rights
to fill heir up

and step on the gas
so fly to nowhere

so things that no one wants
its just escaping this
gruesome reality

and the replacement
so this one vanity orgy

now to the effects
leading to femicidal deaths

when a person has no rights
and women do not need sapiens
only trained predators

trained chimpanzees
organized criminal groups
satanic states

who represent them as victims
to the despair of people

what an existence
then have any human ???

absolutely none away !
without ever having achieved anything

he can get sick
because of this powerlessness

of course he could report on it
so write something

no pig cares about !

So this one is definitely interesting
only to the only human here ion

this in earthly biology
incarnated extraterrestrial

and then he can be mentally impotent
so ... act in self defense

and through this
one such seizure of power
to eliminate

so it does not go sociologically
he to take possession of the perpetrator
but he is a victim of this
unfortunate united shames of america
where there are only female perpetrators

it can be proven since my rebirth
not a single woman and therefore

not find a single man
that is interested in human rights at all

no stupid cop ... stupid constitutional judge
no stupid public prosecutor ... no tramp

all these and all these other problems
So become of this so corrupt people
and its illegal government

probaganda endless

and the twist of the fact
that women are being instrumentalized
from this organized crime
to despair everyone

so the pobaganda that it suppresses soooo
and all the torments that cause it ...

as a woman actually from her state
have been made the culprit

so what is the solution ???

of course that this seizure of misrepresentation
according to the requirements of human dignity
be changed !

and that the citizen
any human rights violation
can make public!

and that he can file a complaint

so finally after all those years
claim his human rights

because this democracy

can never be
a form of government worthy of mankind
since she is a power grab
of the majority

but we need
the best solution for everyone

the argumentocracy

and should not this happen
then will

the galactic pest control
have to come

about this contempt for human beings
end in perfection

and consequently all of these
world ruin full employment

all of those are working themselfs up
to perish right now

and why are they so stupid ?
because they are losers

not to learn from any one more able
but they have for an eternity been finishing off

any one making them jealous

galactic foundation


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